Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reception Search

We spent an entire day last week looking at reception venues in the mountains. Finding places to get married in the mountains is very easy. Finding places in the mountains to get married that I can afford and that aren't wedding chapels - not quite so easy.

Let's kick this search off with a completely off-the-wall-no-way-I-could-ever-afford-it choice. Blackberry Farms!

Absolutely gorgeous but outrageously expensive. I once looked into getting a room there for a romantic weekend for The Boy and I but it was over $800 a night and it's only gone up. Our wedding photographer, Julie Roberts, told us that she had found out that it costs $68,000 just to rent the lodge out for the weekend. That doesn't include anything but the lodging - flowers, catering, activities - everything else is more money.
Sigh. Maybe next time I get married. :-D

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