Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stick me on a wedding cake - I'm done!

I'm going to be completely honest. I realize that there are lots of women out there who think trying on wedding gowns would be so much fun. I was not one of those women. I detest trying on clothes. Hate it, hate it, hate it. When I shop for clothes, I head to Marshalls or TJ Maxx and grab about 30 things to try on. It's something I get over with as quickly as possible. Objectively, I know there are a lot of people who would like to have my figure. I'm not overweight, I've got long legs for a short girl and nothing is out of proportion with anything else. Of course I want to lose the requisite 20 pounds (and I'm ashamed to admit this because I hate what our society does to women) but nothing awful to work with. However, I very rarely like the way I look in clothes. It takes me a long time to find stuff that I think is flattering and I was not looking forward to trying on THE MOST IMPORTANT DRESS I WILL EVER BUY and picking one out.

I was pleasantly surprised. I actually had fun. I went with my maid of honor and best friend the first time and we had a really good time. The first store we hit was White Lace & Promises. Lori who helped us was fantastic and I highly recommend her. She asked me what I was looking for and I told her that I really had no idea. I just knew that I didn't want an elegant, slip-style dress like you'd see J Crew models wearing because I knew I'd look stupid in it and I didn't want a dress with an empire waist because then all of my FI's relatives would whisper that I was pregnant.

So these styles were out:

She gave me a bunch of clips to put on the dresses we wanted to try on and we started looking. My first realization was that there may be more choices now, but there are still buttloads of strapless dresses out there. I quickly ruled out the more spangle-encrusted gowns. I tried on a mermaid shaped dress and my BF and I promptly cracked up at how dumb I looked. We decided that if I was going to go strapless, I looked better with a sweetheart neckline rather than one that was straight across. I found it funny because I expected my BF to pick out different styles of dresses than what she choosing, just based on what she personally liked. I asked her about it and she said that I was more "sparkly" so she was choosing based on that. For some reason, that cracked me up. I told her it was perfect. Sparkly could be used both as a compliment and as an insult.

We quickly decided that the more pouffy the skirt of the dress was, the better I looked. Nothing elegant for me - hook me up with a Donna Reed dress!!! Here's a pic of our favorite dress at that store:

Is that not one of the most ridiculous dresses you've ever seen?!!! Yet it looked really good on me. My waist looked tiny and even though I'm on the short side, it didn't overwhelm me. So a 50s prom dress was where it was at.

We went and fortified ourselves with strawberry margaritas - it was a girly day and we needed a girl drink! Whipped cream and all! Then it was on to our next stop.

Wedding Wonderland was next. This was not my favorite store to be blunt. I've heard from other people that they loved it but the girl who helped us was a snot. It's one of the more upscale bridal shops in town but Rodeo Drive it isn't. {rolling eyes} I had called and asked if it was necessary to have an appointment for a weekday and was told it wasn't. Our saleslady acted a bit put out by our just showing up. Then she asked me when my wedding date was - I lied and said October. Her eyebrows shot up at that. I'm sorry but I think it's insane that women are expected to shop over a year in advance for a wedding dress. I overheard another girl talking about how she was buying a dress for her wedding next May. No - not this coming May but May of 2009. Of course she was also having 14 of her sorority sisters be her bridemaids so I immediately quit listening and we started to shop.

I really like Maggie Sottero dresses. Some of them are (IMHO) hilariously hoochified. But after trying a couple on, they looked very good on me. I seriously thought the girl helping us was going to put her foot on my back to get the strings as tight as she could. It looked great though, even if I couldn't breathe. I also tried on a Lea-Ann Belter dress - I fell in love with the fabric. It made it look so rich and expensive. Here's a pic:

I decided that I had had enough of trying on dresses that weighed more than my cats so my BF and I decided we'd call it a day and I'd go the next round with my mom.

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