Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Boy's boutonniere

When I was researching ideas for The Boy's boutonniere, I knew I wanted to find something a little quirky. I heard about the cutest idea that someone did for a wedding at an organic farm - they used little broccoli florets for boutonnieres. That would be a little informal for our wedding but the idea is great because The Boy and I love to garden. So I started thinking about what we could use that would be more seasonal. Persimmons came to mind but after thinking about it, I realized that even on his best days, The Boy has issues keeping food off his shirt. It would be kind of cruel to go and put something that was juicy and smashable on his tux on purpose.

I kept thinking and then I had this genius idea! What about a fishing lure? We both love fishing (The Boy introduced me to it) and it would be a little different. Most lake fishing lures are pretty large but a fly fishing lure would be perfect. GENIUS!!! Then I did a quick Google search and realized that of course 80 million people before me had also had this genius idea. Sometimes I hate Google. But hey - I've never seen on or heard of this before so it was new to me. Here are some pictures I found for inspiration:

A couple of weeks ago, we headed to our favorite fly shop in the Smokies, Little River Outfitters. When the guys there asked us how they could help us, I felt like a little bit of a dork telling them we needed something to go with our wedding colors but they thought it was a great idea and helped us pick some flies out. One of the flies we saw did match our wedding colors almost perfectly but the idea of The Boy wearing faux fish eggs on his lapel all day cracked me up. I figured we could tell all of our guests that it was some ancient pagan rite to promote fertility but The Boy overruled me on that. Here's what we ended up with:

I do want a little bit of flower in it so our florist may add a small cranberry red mum or coffee berries to it. I think a brown fern fiddlehead might look cool as well. Our neighbor ties flies so he said if we want him to add a splash of red to our fly, he'd be glad to do that.

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