Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spiffing up our invites - the envelope liners

One of the ways that I thought we could jazz up our invitations was by adding an envelope liner. I've always thought that envelope liners add a nice touch and they didn't seem difficult to do. Since I was getting my invitations from HelloLucky, I asked Sabrina if she could send me a couple of blank envelopes so I could measure them and figure out what I'd need to do to make envelope liners for them. I ran to AC Moore and Hobby Lobby and found a bunch of cute papers I could use. Now all I needed to do was to cut out the liners and see which one looked the nicest. First tip - make the shape as easy as possible. If you're picking your own envelopes out, pick the plainest ones you can - the liner will fancy it up plenty. If you can simplify the liner shape, do it. When I first started cutting mine out, I was trying to add a tiny bit of a curve. After driving myself insane, I realized that if I followed the outline of the glue pattern, I really just needed straight lines. Another tip - don't use an instant drying glue. It's nice to be able to slide the liner around a little to make sure it's in the correct place.

After making several test liners, I ended up deciding that I wanted to get the actual invites before deciding on a final liner. I'm glad I waited - some of the liners I liked the best by themselves actually didn't look as well with the invitations as the final liner I went with.

Here's the liner we went with in the end:

Last tip - when making these, don't stack them in a pile while drying. I managed to stick several together because I was dumb enough to do this.


An Atlanta Bride said...

Loving the liners!

Sarah said...

Those turned out so well.:) Lovin' the DIY fever in the blog world right now!

{amy lynn} said...

almost 2 months later.

... something must be going on.

..everything ok?

{amy lynn} said...

um. are you ok?