Monday, July 28, 2008

Am I a lush? Hell yeah!

This will be only the second wedding for Marcus's family that has alcohol served at it.

So why am I serving alcohol even though I know some members of his family will freak?

1) I figure it's a great way to get extra prayers for my soul.

2) If we did everything the way his family wanted us to, we'd be getting married at the courthouse because it's so unseemly to have a big wedding when we've been living together for so long. They think it's a problem we need to take care of - not celebrate. Although, to be quite honest, if we did what they REALLY wanted us to do, they'd have my fiance moving back home into the protective arms of his mom.

We are keeping it to beer, wine and champagne to appease them a bit but this was one of those things my fiance and I weren't willing to compromise on. Our friends are older and tend to be pretty well behaved at parties so we're not worried but his grandmother will be there at the reception counting each drink every person has. And that's ok. We've made accommodations on some things but this is one we're not going to worry about. Cheers!

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