Sunday, July 6, 2008

My love affair with the shoes that might kill me

I bought my shoes to go with my dress before I bought my dress. I loved them that much. They're sex-on-a-stick and complete flowery goodness all rolled up into one high heeled package. Without further ado, I introduce.....THE SHOES!

Sigh! I FLOVE these shoes! But wait, it gets better!

And even better? They were only $80!!! Now the heel is kind of scaring me. Not only is it 3.5 inches tall but those heels are spiky! I can just see me gliding down the aisle and doing a face plant halfway up. I did order some of these but they don't fit very tightly on them. That sucks because I think the concept is genius.

I probably won't ever wear these shoes outside the house again (ahem!) but they're so perfect for me! I will have to find another pair with the same heel height to dance in for our first dance but even that hassle can't dim my love for these babies.

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