Thursday, August 21, 2008

All good things come to those who procrastinate

When I was 16, I had a huge Poly Sci paper due the day before Christmas vacation. Our teacher at the time, told us the day before it was due that the only excuse for turning it in late would be death, namely our own. I asked him what would happen if there was a blizzard and school was cancelled. He said "Kristina, if you can make it snow, you can have until the end of vacation to get the paper in".

Since I hadn't started on this paper yet, I promptly went home to do a snow dance. Rather than be smart, I didn't even bother starting on the paper. Instead, I parked my little behind in front of the TV and watched the weather. We got a snow shower that kicked up around 8pm that night but it petered out. Around 10pm, another one started. And it kept going. And going. And going. Do I really need to tell you that school was cancelled the next day? Woot!

Guess what?!! The rogue procrastinator scores again!!!

I've been putting off ordering my invites because what I really wanted was pocketfold letterpressed wedding invites. I bought a Gocco for myself, thinking I could make my own but I quickly realized how stressed out I was going to be doing this. In the meantime, I entered a contest over at the Southern Wedding Style blog. You had to describe your dream southern wedding and if you were chosen, you'd win 100 free letterpress invites from HelloLucky. Here was my entry:

My dream southern wedding involves family, friends and lots of kids. Sweet tea is a necessity and BBQ is required at some point during the wedding weekend. Fall is the perfect time for a southern wedding because it's warm enough that all of your northern friends are jealous but your hair should stay under 3 feet across because the humidity has improved since August. You need at least one aunt or grandmother to be scandalized because you're serving beer and wine. Someone at some point needs to tell the bride that she's "as pretty as a picture". A dream southern wedding needs at least one mother asking the newlyweds when they're going to finally give her some grandchildren. After choosing the date that conflicts least with most of your guests favored football team, you still hear plenty of discussion that this year could be the year if only the coach was replaced. A southern wedding wouldn't be complete without someone telling the groom they remember when he was knee high to a grasshopper. A dream southern wedding means wearing your Mom's pearls and wrapping your MaMaw's handkerchief wrapped around your bouquet. Most importantly, a dream southern wedding needs lots of love, tears, laughter and joy.

I won!!!!! Obviously, I couldn't go the custom route since time was so short but I am getting 100 of these gorgeous invites! Of course, the OCD Kristina started planning out how I could make them fit in pocketfolds and how I could Gocco RSVP cards to match. Then I slapped myself, ordered the RSVP cards to match and now will only be wrapping the invites with ribbon and putting in a small insert card that I'll gocco with our wedding website information.

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