Saturday, August 16, 2008

My cats are going to be in my wedding!

I have a lot of cats. I mean, like an embarrassing number of them. As in, I won't actually tell you how many we have because you'll think I'm a complete weirdo. Our cats are the main reason why the beautiful 1894 Queen Anne Victorian we live in still lacks walls in many of the rooms. Several of them have medical issues so the vets at University of Tennessee vet school know me very well and know my bank account even better.

Still, I would never be without them. Each day, they make me belly laugh at least five times because they're so silly. I wanted to include them in some way in our wedding but preferably not like this:

I love what Miss Creampuff did for her wedding. Naming the drinks after her cats is brilliant. However, we won't be serving anything but wine, beer and champagne and we have more than three cats. My idea? We're going to name the tables after them! So when our guests go to get their seating cards, they'll find that they're going to be sitting at the Little Man table or the Annabelle table. What's scary is that we have enough cats presently for almost all of our tables. We will dig back into the past because the head table will be named for Bailey, the best cat to ever exist. It honestly makes me sad to know that we're getting married and she won't be there. {sniff}

In the next couple of weeks, we're going to set up a kittie fashion shoot and try to snap some pics of each of them with some fall flowers. Stay tuned for that report because I'm sure it will be interesting.

We'll actually have some of the babies with us at the resort. The wonderful management there is letting us pay the pet fee and stay in one of their newer, posh cabins. So Cleo, Little Man and maybe Emily will be with us. Little Man and Cleo were hand-raised by us so they're kind of our first born kids(which scares me for any future human kidlets we might have because I think we messed these guys up plenty). All three have medical issues that require meds and The Boy is a magician when it comes to pilling cats so it's easier to have them there. We'll get a pet sitter for the others.

It makes me happy to think that some of our furbabies will be with us. They're such a huge part of our lives that it would be weird not to have them with us during such a huge life event.


Maggie said...

Oh my gosh, this is hilarious and awesome! You've got to post pics from your fashion shoot. ;-)

Kristina said...

I will! We used the Gocco this week and they thought it was the coolest thing ever! :-D